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Dee Jackson


My name is David Jackson (you can call me Dee) and I am an Entrepreneur and Social Media Content Creator from Stuttgart, Germany

In addition to going to school and then continuing my education and studies, I expanded into modeling and was able to transfer knowledge and skills acquired into the digital world at the start of the social media era. Through experience, my affinity for social networks and marketing, and my enthusiasm for videography and photography, I have been able to grow a strong community on social media over the years.

My personal Instagram Account (@dee_jaxon) reflects my passion for creating high-quality content. It is very important to me to inspire my community with personality, creativity and authenticity to be yourself, to pursue your own dreams and to not forget to enjoy life. My personal focus here is on content that defines the modern man, overall health, growth in personality, menswear & lifestyle.

My agency ERFOLGSPIXEL incorporates my experience with Social Media, E-Commerce and Branding, as my business partner (who is in charge of Webshops and Websites) and I access a close network to incorporate all the Know-How and Expertise to deliver customized 360-degree solutions for our customers.

Our team of top talent will take care of the entire digital presence; from website design, to branding, to content creation and social media marketing, we provide comprehensive solutions based on an individual strategy that will deliver lasting success.

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